Case study Managed Services

Improving support for over 6,000 users

An international healthcare systems provider, United Arab Emirates
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In brief


  • Source and on-board a large-scale team
  • Provide desktop and applications support
  • Minimise disruption and improve service quality


  • Close coordination with all stakeholders
  • Agile resource management
  • Introduce SLA-driven support services to improve user satisfaction


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Wareed Programme, initiated in 2009, is an ambitious healthcare information systems project that aims to deliver far-reaching benefits to the public health sector. Its mantra is “One Patient, One Record” - a mission that aims to link clinical, operational, and administrative data into a single, unified system using an integrated electronic patient records application. It will improve patient healthcare by making accurate patient records available to over 6,000 clinicians in 15 public hospitals and 86 affiliate clinics.


In 2014, the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH) signed a new agreement with a market-leading healthcare IT systems provider to improve the service delivery and support capabilities for the project. Working closely with the lead vendor, Halian were invited to take responsibility for delivering all desktop and applications support for the application. This two-year engagement was seen as a necessary stepping-stone to transform the quality and availability of support, as well as lay foundations for a wider adoption of solutions available for new healthcare initiatives across the UAE. The key challenge facing Halian was how to seamlessly on-board 49 staff across multiple locations and transition the high profile support function to operational stability.


Mobilising large teams in a short time-frame requires agility – a quality deeply embedded in the Halian approach to service delivery. We are meticulous in our planning and decisive in our execution. All potential staff for the MoH managed service were individually screened and vetted for suitability and visa compliance by our resource management team. Technical and communication skills were assessed and on-boarding processes were completed with speed and efficiency. Within six weeks, the two Halian teams were on-site and delivering both hardware and software desktop support as well as first and second level support for the core electronic patient records application.


Halian’s dedicated Delivery Manager now oversees a stable green-light service. One of the critical success factors was Halian’s close coordination with both the lead vendor and the MoH service stakeholders resulting in a rapid on-boarding process that ensured a minimal disruption to users. And with clear service level responsibilities that were negotiated early in the process, the Halian team quickly met and optimised the required service benchmarks. With clear incident management and monthly reporting in place, user satisfaction ratings have significantly improved. This has positioned both Halian and the lead vendor strongly for future engagements with the MoH.