Case study Managed Services

Creating a simplified 'Help Lounge' service

World leading pharmaceutical company, United Kingdom
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In brief


  • Improve existing end user support service
  • Take advantage of improved hardware reliability and automated applications provisioning
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce costs and simplify processes


  • Create an innovative Help Lounge service
  • Use Halian's Applications Provisioning and Integration service
  • Improve user experience
  • Streamline desk-side support and headcount


With almost 100,000 employees across over 100 countries, our Customer is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and their business depends on effective IT services being available 24x7. In the UK, traditional end user support in a highly regulated environment had escalated in cost despite hardware reliability improving and the automation of the application provisioning process. The incumbent service supplier operated a tiered pricing, pay-per-use break & fix model, with highly experienced hardware and software engineers providing a roving desk-side support service. 


Our customer was looking for a supplier able to innovate their existing end user support services and take advantage of the increased mobility of its laptop and tablet user base. They were also seeking a solution that would minimise user downtime and improve productivity - all this while reducing costs and simplifying processes. 


Innovation is part of our DNA. Building on Halian's Application Provisioning & Integration service, we designed a customised 'Help Lounge' service solution. This service enables employees to visit an on-site lounge area and exchange a broken laptop for a working one, with all their applications, data, and files immediately transferred from a centralised directory. Employees are back at work in less than 45 minutes, generating a huge gain in personal productivity while also increasing user satisfaction ratings. Laptops brought in for repair can either be fixed and placed for rotation in the replacement scheme, or returned to the manufacturer for warranty repairs. An appropriately skilled core team of engineers are available to provide desk-side support for workstation users and visit more remote sites with smaller user communities.  


Since award of the contract in 2013, the service has grown to support over 10,000 users in 15 sites across the UK and Ireland. We have driven down support costs, significantly reduced the number of outstanding help desk tickets, and have simultaneously improved and maintained service satisfaction ratings. Most significantly, the combination Halian's Help Lounge and Applications Provisioning & Integration services means that our customers has simplified and streamlined delivery of critical IT services while reducing costs and enhancing productivity.